Medical Records mimic iPhone?

So I ranted about the lack of options on the iPhone originally, and then Apple responded and fixed most of the issues.  Now there’s a set of physicians who are advocating that the new Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems try and learn from the iPhone’s mistakes.  That’s a great idea.

Single-vendor systems, whether phone, EHR, or ERP, all suffer from the issues described in the article.  I haven’t heard a single person proclaim how wonderful it is to work with the customization teams or how they had a choice of what apps would work for their businesses.  And I work with plenty of IT types, who share their opinions freely.  None.

Wait, I have heard tell of one good system… NetSuite.  They apparently are becoming the same kind of platform.  I’ve never worked with them – anyone have experience and can corroborate the mutterings?

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